TNT Extreme Wrestling: Cold Day In Hell 2019

3rd October, Hangar34

In what could very well prove to be a preview of what’s in store for DOA 2020, 2 of this years others competitors will challenge current DOA Champion, and TNT Extreme Division Champion, Mikey Whiplash, at Cold Day in Hell!

Clint Margera fell to Drew Parker in the first round of DOA earlier this year, however he took BT Gunn to the very edge in his last title challenge, and could very well go that extra step this time.

There is one big difference this time around though, at that difference comes in the form of the Big Kink himself! Jack Jester’s last appearance in TNT was in the hellacious 4-way at Supreme Extreme, and before that managing to reach the semi-finals of DOA 2019.

Clint Margera Vs. Jack Jester Vs. Mikey Whiplash. TNT Extreme Division Championship on the line.



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