Chris Lappin is joined by two wonders of science in Chikara stars Frantik and Volgar.

This is possibly the most terrifying interview Chris has ever conducted – and probably the scariest 15 minutes of his life.

The lads start by discussing their devastating debut in Chikara before we discuss their creation by Professor Nicodemus and what was the purpose of their creation. They get quite emotional when I asked about the possibility of Nicodemus creating newer models and disposing of them.

They also deliver a word of warning for the other teams competing in the King of Trios 2018.

They talk Chikara presents “Go Eat Worms!” – for information about the event visit

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They finish with a message for Officer Barkside, Green Ant and Thief Ant who are their victims at PPW Respect on 23rd June – for information about the event visit

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