We’ve finally unspooled the tape from the dog (don’t ask) and are very happy to say that The 80s Cut of Chapter 89: 26th May 1988 is now on Demand PROGRESS! 

Davey American vs “The Baba Yaga” Idris Alexiyev
The Doctor vs Marty Fox 
Wally Handford vs The Teflon Sheik 
The Sheepwhacker Cousins vs Blumenfeld, Harrington-Smythe & Jones 
The Kung-Fu Kid vs Johnny Swayze 
“The Look” Mariah Eagan vs Candy Lauper 
Dirty Daddy Overkill vs Detective Inspector Colin Klein 

Featuring the dulcet commentary tones of Vic Joseph Sr and ‘Sweet’ Clint Sugarman. 
Watch the show via web browser or the Demand PROGRESS app! 
iOS: bit.ly/progress-ios
Android: bit.ly/progress-android
Roku: bit.ly/progress-roku
Fire TV: via Silk browser
or web browser: demand-progress.com

The Demand PROGRESS app has casting functionality – so you can cast it to your Smart TV / Apple TV / Chromecast / etc and still use your phone. If you’re tweeting about the show, use #Chapter89 #26thMay1988. 

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