THE O.J.M.O. vs SHIGEHIRO IRIE announed for CHAPTER 93: CHEER UP JUICE which is on Sunday 28th July 2019.
Irie stepped in to partner WALTER at Chapter 90 at the last moment, after Veit Müller got caught up in a car accident on his way to the airport.
The partnership of Irie and WALTER was intriguing and seemed to be working well… but Irie found himself on the wrong end of Starr’s Han Stansen lariat and the winner of SSS16 was able to pick up the win whilst staring the Unified World Champion dead in the eyes. 

The O.J.M.O., hand-picked by Starr not only to enter this year’s Natural Progression Series but also to partner him in that Chapter 90 match, was hugely impressive. A singles debut beckons for the self-styled Master Of The Half Crab at the end of July, can he pull his focus away from the NPS tournament enough to overcome Irie? 

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